Performing the Analysis

What is Performed in Attack Tree Analysis?

During the analysis process, AttackTree will perform the following tasks (NB: a minimal cut set is simply a combination of events that will result in the gate event occurring):

  • Determine the minimal cut sets for each gate
  • Determine the probability of each cut set
  • Determine the indicator values for each cut set
  • Calculate the probability of each gate
  • Calculate indicator values for each gate
  • Determine the minimal cut sets for each consequence
  • Determine the probability for each consequence
  • Determine risk values for each consequence category

This process will allow the user to view all combinations of events that will lead to a successful attack, ranked in the probability of success. This list may be filtered according to indicator values (e.g. cut sets where the cost to an attacker is low). It is possible to ‘prune’ the attack tree to easily identify the route by which attack would succeed. Also, importance rankings may be viewed to identify how security may be improved most efficiently.

Available inside AttackTree, the Report Generator allows the production of completely user-definable, professional reports.

Screen Shots