Diagram Reports

Generating Diagram Reports in Report Designer

Many of the Isograph software products use diagrams to represent the system logic. Examples are reliability networks and fault trees. Using the report generator it is possible to include these diagrams in a report. A diagram report may consist of one or more pages, for example a fault tree diagram may be spread across many pages. Some of the main features are described below:

  • The vertical and horizontal indents in the drawing area may be specified
  • Whether the diagram should maintain its aspect ratio or fit to the drawing area may be specified
  • When used in conjunction with programs such as Reliability Workbench which contain multiple software modules the category of diagram to be displayed may be selected.
  • As with graph and text reports, diagram reports can be either printed out directly to color or monochrome devices or exported in Rich Text Format (RTF). The RTF file can then be imported into other products such as Microsoft Word where it could be combined into a larger document and then printed.