Simulation Watch

Why would I need a Simulation Watch?

The simulation watch facility is designed to allow the user to check the logic of the system availability model.

For example, the user may have included a parallel arrangement in the network diagram with warm standby components and switching delays. The user may want to check that the standby components begin to operate when they would expect them to and that the switching delays are implemented at the correct time.

Performing a Simulation Watch

During a ‘simulation watch’ the program proceeds with the simulation on a ‘step by step’ basis and lets the user view the status of the system at each step.

The simulation process moves forward in time but halts when there is a change of event. Information regarding the event change is displayed in a dialog.

In addition the reliability block diagram or fault tree diagram is modified to reflect the change of component and system status. A chart in the left hand window shows changes in system status or spare levels through the echelon hierarchy. Once the simulation watch process has been initiated, the user may step to the next event by selecting the ‘Next’ toolbar button.