Text Reports

How do I make a Text Report?

Designing a text report is simplicity itself. The steps required are as follows:

  • Select the paper size and margins.
  • Select a subset of the whole project database information to be included in the report by one of two options. The first option contains a list of pre-defined selection criteria corresponding to one or more tables in the database. Each criteria will result in a list of available fields. The alternative method is based on using SQL commands to query the database. Each field selected will be represented by a column in the report.
  • Specify which fields are required in the report and the ordering of the columns in which the information will appear. At this point the user may select print preview and a basic report will be displayed. The design process may continue in print preview mode if required.
  • If required select a text format for the field headings. This is the row above the data area containing the names of the data fields
  • If required select a text format for the fields. This is the data area where the data from the database is displayed in columns. At the same time the sort order of the data can be specified and any filters applied to individual fields.
  • If required additional data such as page numbers, the current date, sums of field values may be displayed in the header and footer areas using the text boxes combined with report macros. Pictures in all the common formats (gif, jpg, bmp etc) may also be displayed in the footer or header.