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Isograph’s powerful Hazop+ software greatly simplifies the tasks associated with the setup, recording,  managing and reporting of a HAZOP study.  Hence a HAZOP study can be completed much more quickly and cost-effectively.

A HAZOP study is a detailed examination, by a group of specialists, of components within a system to determine what would happen if that component were to operate outside its normal design mode.

The effects of such behavior is then assessed and noted down on the study data sheet. The categories of information entered on the study data sheet can vary from industry to industry and from company to company.

Hazop+ provides for varying HAZOP standards by providing facilities for full customization. This is reflected in the diversity of industries that are using the program across the globe today, such as Defense, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Chemical Process and Nuclear Power.

The steps in the HAZOP process are outlined below:

Hazop process

Hazop+ provides an intuitive and highly customizable setup

Custom Fields

Virtually every data sheet in Hazop+ has customizable fields. If the pre-defined fields do not meet your needs then it is extremely easy to add a custom field.

The following custom field types are available:

  • Single and multi line text
  • Floating point and integer numbers
  • Date
  • Drop-down list
  • Person

Customizable Grid Cell Format

The study data sheet grid cell format is completely customizable. You can change font size and style, foreground and background colors to match your company’s requirements.

Custom Deviations, Parameters & Guide-Words

In Hazop+ you can choose whichever suits you – deviations or parameters and guide-words.

Besides the built-in deviations, parameters and guide words Hazop+ also allows you to create your own values.

Customizable Study Columns

As with the other data sheets in Hazop+ you can add custom fields to the study data sheet. These will show up as new columns on the study sheet.

You can also select which standard columns to display from the following list:

  • Comments
  • Likelihood
  • Severity
  • Safety Ranking
  • Cost Ranking
  • Causes
  • Consequences
  • Safeguards
  • Actions

Customizable Risk Ranking

In addition to the pre-defined safety and cost risk ranking matrices Hazop+ allows you to create your own custom risk ranking matrices based on any of the standard study data sheet columns. You can even use study columns created using custom fields as inputs and outputs to the risk ranking matrices.

Study Data Sheet

The study records entered on the Hazop+ study data sheet are the key-stones of any HAZOP study.

The Hazop+ study data sheet comprises a tree view and a linked study grid. The tree view allows the user to rapidly navigate the hierarchy of nodes and deviations (or  guide words and parameters). Selecting a tree node automatically displays the study records associated with that deviation and node combination in the study grid. Note that study records can be further filtered by individual HAZOP sessions.

The study grid allows the user to enter multiple causes, consequences, safeguards and actions for a single deviation. So the study record ‘pump-no flow’ can have the causes ‘loss of electricity supply’ and ‘inlet blocked’ combined with the consequences ‘over heating’ and ‘loss of production’.

The action study column allows the action completion date, responsible person and priority can be entered directly in the study grid. Again multiple actions can be entered against a single deviation.

Actions & Tasks

The Actions data sheet allows the user to enter information describing the actions and tasks to be performed as a result of their HAZOP study.

The hierarchy of actions and their associated tasks is show as a tree view, included the study records associated with each action. Selecting an action or task displays the associated action or task for editing in the Action data sheet.

Hazop+ also includes a messaging facility which allows the user to send out email notifications about outstanding actions to the responsible personnel.

Report Designer

The Report Designer enables you to view and design reports containing your data.

Hazop+ is supplied with a set of pre-defined reports. Alternatively the user may modify these reports, create their own reports based on copies of the pre-defined reports, or create entirely new reports.

These reports can be easily exported to Microsoft Word (or another word-processor) for inclusion in your documents.

Instant Reporting

Every sheet in Hazop+ has its own set of instant reports. With a single mouse-click you can preview or print these reports.

Customizable Reports

The reports obtain their source data from a SQL compatible database, which is intelligently updated with the application data when a report is opened. User-defined SQL queries ranging from simple single table queries to complex union and multi-join queries can be used to interrogate the database.

In addition to displaying the actual report data, the user may display information ranging from the date, time and page numbers to complex SQL queries using report macros.