Diagram Construction

FaultTree+ in Reliability Workbench provides an easy to use interface for constructing fault tree diagrams. The user simply adds gates and events by selecting an existing gate and dropping the new gate or event on to the selected gate. After creation the new gate or event may be selected and their parameters modified.

Extensive copy and paste facilities make the re-use of existing fault tree sub-trees an easy task.

In addition to the diagram construction area a spreadsheet interface is available for the rapid access to and modification of gate and event parameters. The spreadsheet interface may also be used to construct the fault tree if desired.

Features Include:

  • Drag and drop add mode for fast tree construction
  • Copy and paste for duplicating existing fault tree sub-trees
  • Spreadsheet interface for rapid modification of gate and event parameters
  • Automatic paging facilities – simply identify gates or branches with a new page tag and the program takes care of pagination
  • Undo and automatic backup facilities
  • Append existing FaultTree+ projects
  • Descriptive text labels and bitmap images may be placed anywhere on a fault tree page
  • Font selection for names, descriptions and labels
  • Diagram scale and shift options including manual shifting of sub-trees and automatic alignment to the screen edit area
  • Delete hidden data facility for tidying-up large projects