Editing Gate Parameters

The FaultTree+ in Reliability Workbench Edit Gate dialog allows the user to select the gate type, name and description. The user may also create the fault tree diagram using this dialog by selecting either the Add Gate Input or Add Event Input button.

A table interface is also available for rapid access to and modification of gate parameters.

Fault Tree Gate Features

  • Select from gate types OR, AND, VOTE, NOT, XOR, INHIBIT, PRIORITY, TRANSFER or NULL.
  • Enter name and description
  • Alter background color from default settings
  • Select retain results. Minimal cut sets and quantitative results retained for the gate during analysis
  • Select ‘Include In Partial Analysis’ if this sub-system is required in the partial analysis
  • Select Gate/Event inputs to the Gate
  • Enter notes. Notes are displayed as a tooltip when the cursor is over the gate
  • Enter Hyperlink to external document/file/web page etc.
  • Select pagination. Fault tree sub-trees below this gate are drawn on a new page