Frequently Asked Questions

The questions we are most frequently asked are listed below. If the answer to your question does not appear here please email us at

  1. How can I download a demo version (free trial) of an Isograph software product?

    Please go to the Product Selection page and select the product you are interested in. Please provide your contact details so that we can provide an installation password and provide technical support for your evaluation.

  2. What is the price of your software?

    Please contact to discuss pricing

  3. Can I open older FaultTree+ projects in Reliability Workbench?

    You can open .psa files created in FaultTree+ by selecting the File->Legacy Data->Import FaultTree+ project file menu option from the Reliability Workbench main menu.

  4. How do I purchase your software?

    We do not currently have an online purchasing system. Please email us at We can accept a purchase order by email or Fax, with payment on 30-day account or by credit card.

  5. I am a student, can I use your software for my studies?

    Our software is used extensively in academic institutions worldwide and we are keen to support student use of our software for academic purposes. Please email for further information.

  6. Where can I find the user manual?

    The user manual is installed automatically with the demo software and can be accessed using a shortcut in the associated program folder on the Start menu. You can also access the user manual in an interactive mode by selecting the Help->Contents menu option on the program main menu.

  7. How do I obtain a license for your software?

    Licenses are issued by email following the purchase of the software. Initially, we issue temporary licenses pending receipt of payment.

    For evaluation licences or any other licence enquiry, please email us at: (UK & Rest of the World) or (USA & Canada)

  8. What type of licenses are supported by the software?

    All our software supports the use of a standalone license or floating license(s) hosted.

    A standalone license is locked to an individual PC.

    A floating license can be checked out on any PC in your network (subject to the terms of your license agreement).

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