RCMCost Training Course

The RCMCost Training Course introduces attendees to the RCMCost and Weibull modules of Availability Workbench.

  • Introduction and Course Overview: An introduction to reliability parameters, availability and reliability, failure frequency, constant failure rates, Weibull distributions, and the bath-tub curve.
  • How Simulation Works: Employing Monte Carlo simulation techniques to model random component failures and solve complex dependency problems.
  • Reliability-Centered Maintenance methodology: The RCMCost training course instructs users how to use the program to optimise the maintenance policies to maximise availability or minimise cost.
  • FMEA Hierarchy: Constructing a failure modes and effects hierarchy that graphically shows the functional relation of components, their failure modes, and causes.
  • Causes: Entering data relating to failure and repair for each component. Assigning costs and effects to failures. Specifying labour, equipment, and spares required to perform the repair.
  • Strategy: RCMCost has a sophisticated optimisation algorithm that helps determine the optimal time to perform interval maintenance, balancing out the cost of failure against the cost of excessive maintenance, while meeting operational criticality targets.
  • Weibull Analysis: How to use the Weibull module to generate an estimated failure rate based off historical data. Explanation of distributions and how to use estimated failure parameters in AvSim failure mode or RCMCost cause.
  • Reporting. Using Isograph’s Report Designer to create and publish text column, text row, graph and diagram reports.