Weibull Analysis

Weibull Analysis
in Availability Workbench

Download Availability Workbench and dive into our powerful Weibull module. Analyze historical failure data and produce failure distributions that will be used for system availability simulation and maintenance optimization.

  • Multi-phased Weibull distributions
  • Lognormal and normal distribution fitting
  • Directly link to failure and repair models for system simulations
  • Reliability, PDF and failure rate plots
  • Connect directly to your SAP or MAXIMO system for data download
  • Build Weibull libraries for generic equipment types
  • Import/export facilities to databases and spreadsheets

Our software has been in continuous development since the 1980s and is the recognized standard for safety and reliability professionals.

Why choose Weibull

There are many reasons to choose Weibull – here are
just a few:

Predict and Reduce Lifetime Costs

Link Weibull distributions to equipment in the RCMCost module to optimize maintenance strategies.

System Availability

Link Weibull distributions to equipment in the AvSim module to model the availability of complex systems, find weak points and track costs associated with production loss and downtime. Read More...


Use Weibull analysis to characterize failure and repair data from your ERP/CMMS

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