Model threats to your system using threat analysis and attack trees. Construct graphical representations of measures designed to reduce the consequences of a successful attack with mitigation trees.

J3061 Threat Modeling Software

Benefits of using AttackTree


Threat Modeling

Attack trees allow threats against system security to be modeled concisely in a graphical format to create a security risk assessment.


Readable, Translatable Data.

Quickly create reports for any level of detail – these reports can be saved in PDF or DOCX format for seamless integration into your project.


Threat Mitigation

Model mitigation of consequences from attacks and see instant cost benefits from mitigation.

Features of AttackTree

Threat Modeling

AttackTree provides the framework for threat modelling, performing threat analysis and risk assessment according to well known standards such as J3061 and ISO-26262 Read More…
Consequence Driven AttackTrees

AttackTree allows users to define consequences and attach them to any gate within the attack tree. In this way, it is possible to model the consequences of successful attacks on the target system Read More…
Mitigation Trees

Mitigation trees may be used to model the effects of mitigating measures on the consequences resulting from a successful attack Read More…


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