Availability Workbench

What’s in Availability Workbench?

Availability Workbench (AWB) is the latest in a line of Isograph products to serve the Reliability and Maintenance community.

AWB integrates updated versions of the AvSim+ (Availability Simulation Software) and RCMCost (Reliability Centered Maintenance) products. These products have been used in industry since 1988. It also includes a brand-new life cycle cost analysis module.

Availability Workbench provides a fully integrated environment for:

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance. Developing and maintaining a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) program to optimize your reliability and maintenance strategy.
  • Availability Simulation. Performing full system availability predictions taking into account complex dependencies on spares and other resources.
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis. Performing a Life Cycle Cost Analysis to calculate the expected costs of your system during its lifetime.
  • Weibull Analysis. Analyzing historical failure data to model the failure characteristics of equipment.
  • SAP Interface. The AWB SAP Interface allows you to transfer data between AWB and SAP.

Availability Simulation, Reliability Centered Maintenance, Life Cycle Cost Analysis - Availability Workbench from Isograph

How can Availability Workbench Help Me?

Availability Workbench can help answer questions such as:

  • Is planned maintenance cost effective? How often should it be performed?
  • What design improvements are cost and safety effective?
  • What is the optimum level of spares to be held on site and at a depot?
  • How can labor and equipment usage be improved?
  • How can buffers best be employed to maintain capacity?
  • How can risk be reduced?
  • What are the likely life cycle costs?
  • What is the best frequency for performing major overhauls?
  • Is predictive maintenance worth doing?
  • How do ageing assets affect life cycle costs?

Windows 10 Compatibility

Isograph’s Availability Workbench has been tested and verified as compatible with 64-bit Windows 10 with Internet Explorer 11/Edge and is supported on the Current Branch, Current Branch for Business and the Long Term Servicing Branch

SAP Certification

Isograph Availability Workbench has SAP-certified integration with SAP ECC 6.0™

SAP Certified

MAXIMO Certification

Isograph Availability Workbench is an IBM “Ready For Tivoli” certified solution.

Ready for Tivoli

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