Availability Workbench

Powerful simulation software for improving asset performance. Maintenance and spares optimization, availability studies, reliability centered maintenance, life cycle cost evaluations and accelerated life testing all in one integrated suite.

RCM Cost Analysis Software

Benefits of using Availability Workbench

Reliability Centered Maintenance

Develop and maintain a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) program to optimize your reliability and maintenance strategy, including optimum spare analysis to reduce cost of on-site storage.


Availability Workbench is certified by IBM for Maximo and for use in SAP Applications, it’s also tested compatible with Windows 10.
Maximo Integration    SAP Certified

System Integration

With the use of Availability Workbench’s API results can easily be fed into existing systems or fed from systems into AWB, providing seamless integrations into existing environments.

Features of Availability Workbench


Availability Simulation and Maintenance Optimization

The Availability Simulation (AvSim) module is a powerful system reliability and availability simulator. It is capable of analyzing complex and dependent systems, enabling the optimization of your reliability and maintenance strategy Read More…
Reliability Centered Maintenance

AWB implements the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) procedure for determining maintenance strategies based on reliability techniques and encompasses well-known analysis methods such as Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) Read More…
Maximo Integration

Availability Workbench allows you to download and analyze MAXIMO work orders providing real failure data for use in your RCM optimization Read More…
SAP Integration
Availability Workbench now allows you to download and analyze SAP work notifications providing real failure data for use in your RCM optimization.Read More…
Process Reliability
The Process Reliability module allows users to identify systematic and reliability losses by recognizing trends in the production data. Read More…
Accelerated Life Testing
The Accelerated Life Testing module of AWB provides the functionality to analyze accelerated failure data and predict reliability characteristics under normal use conditions. The Accelerated Life Testing module allows data sets to be analyzed using a proportional hazards or accelerated failure time survival model Read More…


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