Availability Simulation

in Availability Workbench

The availability and reliability simulator capable of analyzing complex and dependent systems. Download Availability Workbench and dive into our powerful AvSim module.

  • Quickly build models using either Fault Trees or RBDs
  • Fast and reliable Monte Carlo simulation
  • Analysis of historical data using Weibull analysis
  • Simulation of multiple-product capacity with target cost penalties
  • No limit to the number of hierarchical levels
  • Model spare part dependencies and optimization of stock levels
  • Handles switching delays and buffering
  • Opportunistic maintenance and ‘hold for repair’ modeling
  • User-defined rules to re-configure systems during different phases
  • Import/export facilities to databases and spreadsheets
  • Project lifetime cost comparison

Our software has been in continuous development since the 1980s and is the recognized standard for safety and reliability professionals.

Why choose AvSim

There are many reasons to choose AvSim to achieve your maintenance goals – here are
just a few:

Predict and Reduce Lifetime Costs

Predict the lifetime cost of failures, labor, equipment and spares. Reduce costs by modelling alternative maintenance, system operation and spares policies. Read More...

System Availability

Model the availability of complex systems, find weak points and track costs associated with production loss and downtime. Optimize spare holdings. Read more about spares optimization...


Use Weibull analysis to characterize failure and repair data from your ERP/CMMS Read More...

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