Using AvSim

How do I build an Availability Simulation Model?

The AvSim module allows you to quickly construct fault tree or reliability block diagrams using drag and drop facilities. Simply choose the preferred method to represent the failure logic of your system from the menu at the top of the AvSim window and place the fault tree or block symbols in your diagram.

If you are using fault trees then AvSim will automatically organize the diagram for you – you simply tell it the logical connections.

If you are using reliability block diagrams simply place the blocks on the screen, make the logical connections, and the program will automatically deduce the failure logic of the system.

Whichever method you choose there is a powerful pagination facility that allows you to organize large and complex projects.

How do I define Failure and Maintenance Models?

Once you have defined the logical fault tree or network structure of your project you can define comprehensive failure and maintenance models to represent the performance of components within your system.

These models could be simple failure and repair models or they could represent complex dependencies including aging, spares requirements, labor availability, operational phases, standby arrangements, etc. For new users, the Failure Model Wizard will allow you to build new failure models by answering a few simple questions.

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