Spares and maintenance optimization

Performing Spares Optimization

The AvSim module may be used to simulate the effects of different spares holding levels on lifetime costs. The user sets site and depot minimum and maximum values for all selected spares. When performing a spares optimization run AvSim will try spares holding values within the specified range only.

The program performs simulation runs for each combination of spare part holdings (between range values) for each selected spare part. Once all the simulation runs have been completed AvSim will display the optimum spare holdings from a cost viewpoint at site and depot.

Performing Maintenance Optimization

The AvSim module may be used to determine whether it is worthwhile performing planned maintenance or inspections on components, and if so, what the optimum maintenance interval should be.

If a component exhibits aging characteristics then planned maintenance may be effective in reducing the probability of a system outage and hence reduce outage costs. However, the planned maintenance task may have labor, spares and other costs associated with it. Planned maintenance costs must be balanced against reduced outage costs.

Similarly, performing inspections for hidden or potential failures will often reduce costs due to unscheduled outages. However, the benefits of reducing the costs of unscheduled maintenance need to be weighed against the additional costs of performing more frequent inspections.

The AvSim module locates the optimum interval for planned maintenance and inspection tasks by varying the maintenance interval and repeatedly simulating the lifetime costs.

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