The Availability Simulation (AvSim) module is a powerful system reliability and availability simulator. It is capable of analyzing complex and dependent systems, enabling the optimization of your reliability and maintenance strategy.

What can Availability Simulation do?

The Availability Simulation module can help you optimize system availability and life-cycle costs by modeling:

  • System availability and throughput
  • Spares tracking and stock-outs
  • Planned and predictive maintenance policies
  • Switching delays and buffers
  • Phased operations
  • Standby systems

How does Availability Simulation Work?

In Availability Simulation the logical interaction of failures, and how they affect system performance, are modeled using a reliability block diagram or fault tree. These diagrams may be used to model failure and success or levels of throughput in the system.

Consequences are then assigned to any level of the logical diagram to indicate the effects of failures (financial, operational, safety and environmental). Labor, spares and failure data may be imported or directly entered into the program together with any operational phase information and task group assignments.

The Availability Simulation maintenance software module will then analyze your system using efficient Monte Carlo simulation algorithms to provide availability and reliability parameters, life cycle costs, importance rankings etc. You may also optimize spare holdings and planned maintenance intervals.

All this information may be reported in standard (or custom) graphs and text reports or exported to your database or spreadsheet application.

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