Reliability Workbench

Reliability Workbench is Isograph’s flagship suite of reliability, safety and maintainability software. The software has been in continuous development since the 1980s. It is easy to use and is a great tool for all reliability and maintenance professionals.

Fault Tree Analysis Software

Benefits of using Reliability Workbench

Improve Reliability

Use Reliability Workbench to display which maintenance or design changes will improve system reliability, predict the reliability of systems and create maintenance plans accordingly

Clearly report findings

Our custom built report designer allows you to create reports with any amount of detail, high level right down to component specific information. Add a whole new level of detail to your system reliability presentations

Project Collaboration

The Enterprise edition of Reliability Workbench allows collaboration between colleagues on projects. Limit access to projects and folders to appropriate users and allow managers to approve or reject changes to projects with version control.

Features of Reliability Workbench

Fault Tree Analysis

Allowing you to construct and analyze fault tree diagrams. Fault tree diagrams represent the logical relationship between sub-system and component failures and how they combine to cause system failures. Read More…

Our FMEA Software is included in the FMECA Module of Reliability Workbench which provides the full framework and reporting facilities to allow users to construct process and design FMEAs as well as commercial aircraft. Read More…
RBD System Analysis

The RBD Module is a powerful systems reliability analysis tool that allows reliability block diagram analyses to be performed in an integrated environment. Read More…
Failure Rate Prediction
The reliability prediction module enables you to predict failure rates for a set of components under given conditions. The data may be drawn from a selection of industry standard handbooks such as MIl-HDBK-217, 217 Plus, Telecordia, IEC TR 62380 and NSWC Read More…
Markov Analysis
Accompnaying FaultTree Reliability Workbench, the Markov analysis module models systems which exhibit strong dependencies between component failures. Read More…
Weibull Analysis
Weibull Analysis is used to analyze historical failure data and produce failure distributions that will be used as inputs to the failure models used in a fault tree analysis or a reliability block diagram (RBD) analysis. Read More…


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