Introduction to Reliability Block Diagram Analysis in Reliability Workbench

The RBD Module is a powerful system reliability analysis tool that allows reliability block diagram analyses to be performed in an integrated environment.

What is a Reliability Block Diagram?

A Reliability Block Diagram is a method of modeling how components and sub-system failures combine to cause a system failure. Reliability block diagrams may be analyzed to predict the availability of a system and determine the critical components from a reliability viewpoint.

RBDs and Minimal Cut Sets

The RBD Module of Reliability Workbench is capable of analyzing large and complex RBDs producing the full minimal cut set representation for systems and sub-systems.

Markov analysis capabilities are provided for analyzing components with strong dependencies.

RBDs and Importance Measures

The RBD Module calculates a range of importance measures as well as providing standard system and sub-system parameters such as unavailability, unreliability and expected failures.

The program allows users to construct a single project database containing failure model data and block diagrams representing one or more systems. Large block diagrams may be split into sub-systems (there is no limit to the number of hierarchical levels that may be specified for a project). Navigation between sub-systems is easily achieved using the Change Page or Find facilities provided by the program.

Common Cause Failures

The RBD Module also includes a special Common Cause Failure (CCF) facility that allows users to associate groups of blocks with the same CCF model. Beta, MGL, Alpha and Beta BFR CCF standard model types are all available.

During the analysis, special CCF events are automatically generated by the program allowing the accurate evaluation of the effects of common cause failures.

System Performance and Other Features

The RBD Module automatically evaluates the system's minimal cut sets and uses the cut sets to determine system performance parameters. The program produces high-quality reliability block diagram reports. Automatic pagination allows the user to quickly construct and print large RBDs.

A powerful Report Generator facility allows customized reports and graphs to be produced. Import and export facilities allow data to be transferred to and from databases, spreadsheets and files.

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