Siemens SN 29500

Reliability Workbench SN 29500 module implements all sections (1 through 16) of the Siemens SN 29500 standard.

The current sections are as follows (including the date of issue):

  • SN 29500-1 Expected values, general. (November 2016)
  • SN 29500-2 Expected values for integrated circuits. (September 2010)
  • SN 29500-3 Expected values for discrete semiconductors. (June 2009)
  • SN 29500-4 Expected values for passive components (March 2004)
  • SN 29500-5 Expected values for electrical connections, connectors and sockets (June 2004)
  • SN 29500-7 Expected values for relays (November 2005)
  • SN 29500-9 Expected values for switches and buttons (November 2005)
  • SN 29500-10 Expected values for signal and pilot lamps (December 2005)
  • SN 29500-11 Expected values for contactors (April 2015)
  • SN 29500-12 Expected values for optical components (February 2008)
  • SN 29500-15 Expected values for electromechanical protection devices in low voltage networks (November 2016)
  • SN 29500-16 Expected values for electromechanical pushbuttons, signalling devices and position switches in low voltage networks (August 2010)

How do I build a SN 29500 model?

To build a SN 29500 model you define your systems, sub-systems and components in the Prediction tree. Following this you add accurate data to each component in your system or sub-system. RWB Prediction will then calculate your failure rates automatically.

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