System Safety Assessment

System Safety Assessment
in Reliability Workbench

Download Reliability Workbench and access our powerful safety assessment module. Record system hazards and directly link to the fault tree, RBD or Markov models used for probability verification.

  • Supports standards such as ARP4761 and ISO 26262
  • Automatic assignment of DAL and ASIL for hazards and functions
  • Build function hierarchies using drag and drop and libraries
  • Link to fault trees or RBDs for DAL or ASIL decomposition
  • Structured requirements definitions
  • Model the effects of phases and environments
  • Define and assign situation catalogs
  • Multiple customizable effects categories
  • Powerful import/export and reporting facilities

Our software has been in continuous development since the 1980s and is the recognized standard for safety and reliability professionals.

Why choose Isograph's SSA Module?

There are many reasons to choose our powerful SSA module – here are
just a few:

Record Hazards and Requirements

The Safety Assessment module of Reliability Workbench provides the framework for recording the hazards and failures associated with a system and demonstrating that the resulting safety requirements are met. Failures may be linked to probabilistic verification models such as fault trees, RBDs, Markov models and FMECAs in an integrated environment Read More...

Structured Function Hierarchy

Identified failures may be assigned to a structured function hierarchy and classified according to standard recommendations such as the aerospace safety standard ARP4761 and ISO 26262 (ASIL levels). Applicable phases and environments may be assigned together with the effects of the failure and the associated classification. Requirements (both probabilistic and design) may be recorded alongside each failure.

Enterprise Level Safety Analysis

Perform safety analysis at an enterprise level using the Isograph Enterprise Database. Maintain projects and libraries in a security controlled environment Read More...

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