Introduction to System Safety in Reliability Workbench

The Safety Assessment module of Reliability Workbench provides the framework for recording the hazards and failures associated with a system and demonstrating that the resulting safety requirements are met. Failures may be linked to probabilistic verification models such as fault trees, RBDs, Markov models and FMECAs in an integrated environment. Supporting documents may also be assigned to functions and failures.

The Safety Assessment module supports inter-application connectivity provided by Isograph's Data Link Manager allowing connection to external Requirements Management software such as Jama Connect® and IBM Rational® DOORS®.

Identified failures may be assigned to a structured function hierarchy and classified according to standard recommendations such as the aerospace safety standard ARP4761 and automotive safety standards ISO 26262 and ISO 21448 (SOTIF). Applicable phases and environments may be assigned together with the effects of the failure and the associated classification. Requirements (both probabilistic and design) and safety goals may be recorded alongside each failure.

The Safety Assessment module may be used to perform Functional Hazard Assessments and Preliminary System Safety Assessments and may be used to record hazards - effectively creating a structured Hazard Log. Custom text fields allow projects to be configured to customer specifications.
®Rational and DOORS are registered trademarks of IBM Corp.
Jama Connect® is a registered trademark of Jama Software.

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