IEC TR 62380

The IEC TR 62380 (formerly RDF 2000 (UTE C 80-810)) module is a powerful reliability prediction program based on the French telecommunications standard IEC TR 62380 Edition 1.

What's in IEC 62380?

The IEC 62380 standard predicts failure rates for electronic equipment based on the reliability data handbook UTE C 80-810 published by UTE (Union Technique de l'Electricite).

The IEC TR 62380 reliability prediction method considers the effects of phased mission profiles on operating and non-operating components.

This method also accounts for the effects of thermal cycling on the component failure rate due to variations in the ambient temperature and component switch on and off.

IEC TR 62380 also predicts life expectancy for components where applicable.

The Overview of the Prediction Module page contains a description of the features available in Reliability Workbench for building an IEC TR 62380 model.