Telcordia SR-332

The Telcordia SR-332 module was created using Telcordia SR-332, originally the Bell Laboratories Bellcore standard for the reliability prediction of commercial electronic components.

What's in Telcordia SR-332?

The Telcordia Standard allows reliability predictions to be performed using three methods:

  • Method I provides predictions based on a Parts Count procedure.
  • Method II provides predictions based on combining laboratory test data with Parts Count data.
  • Method III provides predictions based on combining field tracking data with Parts Count data.

All three methods are handled by the Reliability Workbench Prediction Module.

What can Telcordia do?

The Telcordia SR-332 Standard also provides models for predicting the failure rates of units and devices during the first year of operation.

The failure rate during this wear-in phase is expressed as a multiplying factor operating on the predicted steady-state failure rate. This First Year Multiplier (FYM) is influenced by burn-in times and temperatures. The Prediction Module automatically calculates the First Year Multiplier based on specified system, unit and device burn-in times and temperatures.

The Overview of the Prediction Module page contains a description of the features available in Reliability Workbench for building a Telcordia SR-332 model.

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