Reliability Workbench

Reliability Workbench

Fully integrated reliability and safety software for the professional.

  • Reliability block diagram analysis
  • Fault tree, common cause and importance analysis
  • Event tree analysis with multiple risk categories
  • Markov analysis including multi-phase modelling
  • Link hazard logs and requirements to RBD or fault tree verification models
  • Multiple standards support for system analysis including ARP 4761, IEC 61508, ISO 26262
  • Predict the reliability of electronic and mechanical components using MIL-217, Quanterion 217 Plus, SN29500, IEC 61709, FIDES, Telcordia TR/SR, IEC TR 62380, GJB299C and NSWC
  • FMEA and FMECA to standards such as MIL-STD-1629A, BS 5760 Part 5, GJB 1391-92, AIAG & VDA, SAE J1739, ARP5580
  • Link to Requirements Management tools such as Jama Connect®

Our software has been in continuous development since the 1980s and is the recognized standard for safety and reliability professionals.

Jama Connect® is a registered trademark of Jama Software.

Why choose Isograph's Reliability Workbench?

There are many reasons to choose Reliability Workbench – here are
just a few:

Accurately Predict System Reliability

Our powerful minimal cut set generator ensures that dependent RBD, fault and event tree structures are modelled efficiently and accurately. Determine the reliability and availability of complex systems and identify weak points with importance analysis. Read More about Fault Trees...

Highly Integrated Data and Methods

Link RBDs and fault trees to prediction, FMEA, Markov models, failure data libraries and hazard logs for safety assessment verification. Attach fault trees to event trees for risk analysis. Read More...

Enterprise Level Safety Analysis

Perform safety analysis at an enterprise level using the Isograph Enterprise Database. Maintain projects and libraries in a security controlled environment Read More...

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