AvSim – Getting Started

The availability and reliability simulator capable of analyzing complex and dependent systems. Download Availability Workbench and dive into our powerful AvSim module.

Quickly build models using either Fault Trees or RBDs
Fast and reliable Monte Carlo simulation
Analysis of historical data using Weibull analysis
Simulation of multiple-product capacity with target cost penalties
No limit to the number of hierarchical levels
Model spare part dependencies and optimization of stock levels
Handles switching delays and buffering
Opportunistic maintenance and ‘hold for repair’ modeling
User-defined rules to re-configure systems during different phases
Import/export facilities to databases and spreadsheets
Project lifetime cost comparison

FMEA Preparation Presentation

The process in selecting the FMEA tool and the first steps to take in creating a successful FMEA.

FMEA / FMECA in Reliability Workbench Suite

Download Reliability Workbench from www.isograph.com and dive into our powerful FMECA module.

- Fast system construction
- Hierarchical failure mode and effect structure
- Multiple formats such as FMEA and DFMEA
- Standard and custom reporting
- Supports multiple industry standards such as MIL-STD-1629A, BS 5760 Part 5, GJB 1391-92, AIAG & VDA, SAE J1739, ARP5580
- Highlights high risk items via RPN or criticality analysis
- Directly link to fault trees, RBDs and hazard logs
- Tested and certified by SGS-TÜV as suitable for safety analyses according to ISO26262

By Bill Keeter

Data Link Manager (DLM)

The Data Link Manager (DLM) empowers organisations to integrate their requirements management tools with Isograph's safety and cyber security products. Reliability Workbench and AttackTree are seamlessly linked to Jama Connect® and IBM Rational DOORS® ensuring the consistency and integrity of data.

Support standards such as ISO 26262, ISO/SAE 21434, J3061, DO-356, ED-203 ARP 4761 and IEC 61508 by automating requirements management linkage to safety and security methods such as fault and attack tree analysis, FMEA and hazard assessment.

  • Transfer requirements between products
  • Maintain links and apply consistency checks
  • Verify quantitative goals and requirement coverage

Our software has been in continuous development since the 1980s and is the recognized standard for safety and reliability professionals.

Rational® and DOORS® are registered trademarks of IBM Corp.

Jama Connect® is a registered trademark of Jama Software.

Bill Keeter – Improving Asset Performance – Engineering Trainer / Consultant) – Using Availability Workbench

Bill Keeter (CMRP, CRL, CAMA, CPAM, Reliability Engineering Trainer & Consultant) shares techniques on how to best utilize Isograph's Availability Workbench software.

Powerful simulation software for improving asset performance. Maintenance and spares optimization, availability studies, reliability centered maintenance, life cycle cost evaluations and accelerated life testing all in one integrated suite.

Connect directly to your SAP or MAXIMO system and analyze your data
Identify critical equipment
Automatically build failure models using Weibull analysis
Optimize your maintenance plans using simulation and reduce costs
Predict system availability and optimize your design
Model system dependencies with RBDs or fault trees
Build in operational rules for accurate performance simulation
Determine the most effective spares holding policy
Predict life cycle costs
Analyze your test data for stressed failures in the ALT module
Identify plant performance trends in the Process Reliability module


Weibull Analysis

Download Availability Workbench and dive into our powerful Weibull module. Analyze historical failure data and produce failure distributions that will be used for system availability simulation and maintenance optimization.

  • Multi-phased Weibull distributions
  • Lognormal and normal distribution fitting
  • Directly link to failure and repair models for system simulations
  • Reliability, PDF and failure rate plots
  • Connect directly to your SAP or MAXIMO system for data download
  • Build Weibull libraries for generic equipment types
  • Import/export facilities to databases and spreadsheets

Our software has been in continuous development since the 1980s and is the recognized standard for safety and reliability professionals.

Reliability Workbench – Markov Analysis (Part of Fault Tree+)

Markov Analysis
in Reliability Workbench

Download Reliability Workbench and access our powerful Markov module. Predict the reliability of systems with strong dependencies using our powerful analytical calculation engine.

  • Quickly build models using drag and drop
  • Division of analysis into separate phases
  • State attribute editing via easy-to-use dialogs
  • Data verification for consistency checks
  • Time-dependent transition rates modeled
  • Global parameter facility for repetitive data
  • Calculation of a wide range of probabilities and frequencies
  • Graphs and plots showing time-dependent results
  • Fully integrated with fault tree and RBD analysis

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