Evaluation License Server

The Isograph License Server (x64) comprises of the License Server Activation, lmadmin Installer and FlexNet lmadmin License Server Manager programs.

The installation consists of three features:

  • The pre-requisites which comprise the FlexNet Licensing Service, the installation guide and lmadmin end user guide.
  • The License Server Activation Feature comprising the License Server Activation program. The Activation ID supplied by Isograph is entered in this program to activate the licenses on the license server.
  • The lmadmin Installer Feature comprising the lmadmin Installer and FlexNet lmadmin License Server Manager programs. The lmadmin Installer program greatly simplifies running the FlexNet lmadmin License Server Manager installer. The lmadmin Installer program pre-configures the InstallAnywhere lmadmin Installer properties to cater for new installations, upgrade installations, deploying the Isograph Vendor Daemon and stopping and starting the lmadmin service where appropriate.
  • This application is now an x64 application.

The Isograph License Server can be downloaded here and the installation instructions downloaded here.

The Isograph License Server supersedes the previous method of installing license server features using individual Isograph software product installers. All future releases of Isograph software products will only contain the client components. This change has been made to remove any uncertainty as to which versions of the various license server components should be installed. This particularly applies to environments where license support is required for multiple Isograph products.


The following video takes you through the process of installing the Isograph License Server.