Availability Workbench released

Availability Workbench released

March 2024 - Isograph are pleased to announce the release of Availability Workbench

  • The stress factor for an ALT set may now be exported or included in reports.
  • Microsoft Edge may now be used for help display in Windows 11.
  • Users are now prohibited from choosing a fixed failure distribution with an ‘as good as old’ corrective maintenance condition. This lead to an infinite closed loop in the simulation process.
  • Ellipse downloads now handle spares downloads if the spare type table is missing from the Ellipse database.
  • Starting up AWB using url now allows objects such as consequences, RCM location hierarchy elements and weibull sets to be located.
  • Failure model parameters are now no longer shown in diagrams for system blocks.
  • Excel spreadsheet import has been speeded up dramatically for workbooks with large shared string tables.

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