AttackTree 5.0.2. released

January 2024 - Isograph are pleased to announce the release of AttackTree 5.0.2

1. Indicators may now be assigned an initiator flag. Primary events that are assigned an initiator
indicator will be automatically flagged as an indicator primary event.

2. A new view option has been added to allow users to view the maximum cut set probability for a
gate as a preference.

3. AttackTree now caters for negative likelihood levels assigned to indicator options.

4. The maximum number of indicator types has been increased from 8 to 10.

5. The F3532-22 aircraft standard has been added to the standard templates.

6. The HEAVENS template settings have been changed so that Low Consequence weights match V2 of the
standard. (10 rather than 20 for the first two consequence categories and 1 rather than 2 for the
next 2 categories).

7. The mouse wheel may now be used with AttackTree diagrams to zoom (ctrl key) or shift left to
right (shift key).

8. Drag and drop indicator to a primary event in an attack tree now changes the likelihood
displayed if appropriate. Previously this was only done after a calculation or when using the edit

9. Standard templates now set indicator values to zero.

10. Move up and Move down options now retains the previous selection for Likelihoods, Risk levels
and Indicator options.

11. Cut set and path set likelihood levels are now displayed in the result dialog (in brackets with
indicator values) if the ‘Treat cut sets as independent’ option is selected. They may also be
displayed in gate and path cut set reports. Likelihood levels are now displayed in the indicator
tab of the primary event properties dialog.

12. Users may now drag and drop likelihoods and indicator options from the project tree onto
AttackTree diagram primary events.
13. The CAPEC library has been updated to version 3.9.

14. Multiline text fields may now be exported to csv files (Excel).
15. Microsoft Edge may now be used for help display in Windows 11.

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