Reliability Workbench 14 Released

February 2019 - Isograph are pleased to announce the release of Reliability Workbench 14.0

  • The help system now displays help in the user's default browser by default. The help files are HTML5 based using a responsive layout that caters for resizing of the parent browser.
  • The RBD module now has an append facility allowing users to append systems blocks from external projects. Blocks are only appended if there is a component block with the same ID in the target project.
  • Bitmaps may now be stored inside a project.
  • The Sequential Model failure model type has been extended for fault tree and RBD analysis. The extended model enables accurate averaging calculations to be performed taking into account sequencing. The model also provides for modelling revealed double and triple latent (dormant) failures that are revealed before a flight (for aircraft applications), a journey for (automotive and rail applications) or a mission.
  • A paste special function has been added to the SSA module allowing sub-projects to be automatically attached using linked functions.
  • DAL values (SAE 4754A) are now calculated for functions in the SSA module. DAL values are assigned to each classification.
  • The SSA module now allows users to enter up to 3 effects for each failure. Effects and effect types are now organised into 3 categories. The user may change the description of each effect category in the project options dialog.

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