Reliability Workbench 15 Released

July 2020 - Isograph are pleased to announce the release of Reliability Workbench 15

  • A verification tab has been added to the ‘End effects’ dialog in FMECA.  End effects may represent system hazards and users may now verify that a safety system has been designed to achieve a tolerable hazard rate.  Verification can be performed by RBD, fault tree analysis or Markov.
  • FMEA (AIAG/VDA) action priority values are now automatically calculated for failure modes. Users may also set a MSR preference in the project options dialog. Detection is renamed Monitoring if this option is selected.
  • A requirements object has been added to the FMECA module. Requirements may be attached to failure modes.
  • A Residual probability analysis function has been added for both the RBD and FT modules. This analysis method is based on the EASA CS-25 standard.
  • Modifications have been made to the Prediction module to allow users to comply with the IEC 61709 standard. Two new project options have been added that allow users to apply the 61709 piT constant and dormant failure method when using the SN 29500 standard. The SN 29500 standard now allows users to enter reference failure rates for individual components as an option.