Report Designer

Create completely customizable reports with the Report Designer

What is the Report Designer?

The Report Designer enables you to view and design reports containing your data.

Hazop+ is supplied with a set of pre-defined reports. Alternatively, the user may modify these reports, create their own reports based on copies of the pre-defined reports, or create entirely new reports.

These reports can be easily exported to Microsoft Word (or another word-processor) for inclusion in your documents.

New Instant Reporting

Every sheet in Hazop+ has its own set of instant reports. With a single mouse-click, you can preview or print these reports.

Customizable Reports

The reports obtain their source data from a SQL compatible database, which is intelligently updated with the application data when a report is opened. User-defined SQL queries ranging from simple single-table queries to complex union and multi-join queries can be used to interrogate the database.

In addition to displaying the actual report data, the user may display information ranging from the date, time and page numbers to complex SQL queries using report macros.

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