What’s New

Hazop+ 7.0.1

  • HTML5 based help has been implemented.
  • Support for high DPI displays has been implemented.
  • More informative messages are displayed when a drawing image file is not selected, fails to display or cannot be found.
  • The speed of browsing through large numbers of actions has been significantly increased.
  • A user setting has been introduced that allows study column widths that are less than the default width to be saved between node selections.

Report Designer

  • A SQL query header can be added to all custom queries using SQL Server data sources. This allows the user to create common table expressions, table variables and DECLARE variables for use in the SQL main query.
  • PDF files created by the Report Designer now meet the PDF/A-2 standard. This requires that the fonts used in a published report can be embedded in the PDF file. A dialog has been provided to display the fonts on a machine that support font embedding in PDF files, these fonts can be filtered by supported character set. A warning is issued at completion of the publication process to show which fonts (if any) could not be embedded.
  • The help system now displays help in the user's default browser by default. The help files are HTML5 based using a responsive layout that caters for resizing of the parent browser. The original CHM (Compiled HTML) help system can be used if required by changing the help system selection in the parent application.
  • The Publish to PDF settings dialog has been simplified by removing the WinAnsi encoding option. This has been made possible by improving the performance of processing Unicode fonts.
  • The Syntax Check and Format Query function in the SQL Wizard now performs the syntax check and format according to the version of the connected SQL Server version.
  • A warning is issued when using the SQL Wizard Syntax Check and Format Query function that any comments will be removed when the format is performed. This warning is only issued when there are comments in the query.
  • The Syntax Check and Format Query function in the SQL Wizard now performs the query validation step prior to performing the format of the query. N.B The query validation step checks for incorrect column names and T-SQL functions - these are not validated by the syntax check.
  • A warning is issued when a query will fail because it is processed as a derived table wrapped by a further SELECT query. This extra SELECT query is to enable the correct functioning of the column filters.
  • Value labels can now be displayed on graph data points. This applies to all graph types apart from pie and pareto types. The value label appearance is fully configurable, including alignment, border, font, fill and data format.
  • The table column descriptions have been added to the Report Wizard text column and text row report query columns.
  • Support for embedding True Type collection fonts in the Publish to PDF feature has been implemented.
    Characters that cannot be displayed in a PDF file for the associated font are now displayed at the end of the publishing process.

Hazop+ 7.0

  • A number of features have been implemented to allow Hazop+ to implement the recommendations of the IEC 61882-2016 standard:
    • An Initials field has been added to the Personnel data sheet. This is to enable session participants to be displayed in a condensed format in reports.
    • The concept of session participant roles has been implemented, allowing additional roles to be specified in addition to those of secretary and chairman.
    • Study columns can now be renamed by specifying an alternate heading on the Study Sheet setup data sheet. The associated Study data sheet reports are also generated with report column headings using the alternate heading (if set).
    • The Nodes report table now contains a Drawings column. This contains a concatenated list of the drawing names and revision numbers associated with an individual node.
    • An option has been added allowing the user to disable the display of causes, consequences, safeguards and actions numbers in reports.
  • A number of example projects have been added to the installation to demonstrate the use of the new features introduced to aide compliance with IEC 61882-2016. These are:
    1. IEC 61882-2016 Worksheet B2 - Introductory Example
    2. IEC 61882-2016 Worksheet B3 - Procedures
    3. IEC 61882-2016 Worksheet B4 - Train ProtectionCorresponding default

    Study reports have also been added to the installation. These appear as default reports in the Study data sheet.

  • An autocomplete feature has been introduced
    • The autocomplete feature is active for text input fields on the following data sheets: Company, Person, Session, Drawing, Deviation, Parameter, Guide Word, Node, Cause, Consequence, Safeguard, Action and Task.
    • The autocomplete library is populated as text is entered in each field. It is automatically saved when Hazop+ is closed.
    • Autocomplete suggestions are displayed when a match is found as text is entered in a text field. The match is performed on the all the text in the autocomplete library entries, or optionally just the starting characters of the entry.
    • Each type of text field (e.g. addresses, email, phone numbers or task descriptions) are stored in their own section of the autocomplete library. Suggestions are only shown for matching types.
    • The autocomplete feature can be toggled on or off as required. The autocomplete library can be populated from existing projects, templates, libraries or by manually adding entries.
  • The user interface has been updated to use Windows 10 style buttons and images.
  • Users can modify the location of the directories where the Hazop+ projects, libraries, templates and reports are stored. In addition to the default location in My Documents the user can specify either the root directory location of the directory hierarchy or the location of individual directories.If the default directory location is modified the user is prompted to populate the new directories with either the default directory contents, the installation default source directory contents or a specified parent directory contents.
  • It is now possible to copy and paste study records between any level in the study tree. So study records can now be copied from one node to another node, from a node to a deviation and from a deviation to a node.
  • The Study Grid action, safeguard, cause and consequence selection pop-up dialog has been modified so the filter value matches to any part of the name rather than just the start of the name. For example entering a filter value of 'water' will match a cause name of 'Failure of cooling water valve to close'.
  • The Project Wizard can now be opened from the File menu in addition to the Project Selection dialog displayed at program startup.
  • The License Activation dialog is now re-sizeable.
  • A feature allowing the user to copy and paste causes, consequences, safeguards and deviation details in the study grid has been introduced
  • Study records can now be moved up and down in the Study grid regardless of which node is selected in the Study tree. This allows the user to change the study record number generated automatically by Hazop+.
  • The reset option has been removed from the Options dialog and replaced by the Tools-Reset Options menu option. This is to remove any ambiguity as to whether the reset function is operating on the master settings.
  • Deviation details, causes, safeguards, consequences and actions can now be selected in the study grid pop-up selection dialog using the mouse double click action.

Report Designer

The following new features have been introduced in the Report Designer:

  • A feature has been added allowing reports to be displayed in full screen mode. To display a report or the report designer in full screen mode select the 'Full Screen' toolbar button. To return to normal mode from full screen mode select the 'Full Screen' toolbar button again
  • The performance of user code programmable columns has been improved.
  • The time taken to repaginate reports has been reduced by a factor of 2 to 3 in some circumstances.
  • The time taken to publish PDF and Word text column reports has been significantly reduced.
  • A feature allowing the top 1000 rows of selected tables and views to be displayed in the SQL Query Wizard has been added. This is to assist in the construction of the SQL query by helping to identify potential join columns.


The following new features have been introduced in the Licensing components:

  • FlexNet Publisher licensing components have been upgraded from version to version
    • This release resolves an issue where in certain circumstances a connection to the license server timed out before a license could be checked out.
    • Verified support for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 has been introduced in this release. Two vulnerabilities have been addressed which guard against the corrupted execution of the FlexNet Licensing Service caused by the transmission of a crafted, invalid message block. This vulnerability has been reported as CVE-2016-10395.
  • The Status tab of the license activation dialog now has an option to show all, active, expired or broken license entitlements.
  • A feature has been implemented allowing users to copy licence status text on the License Activation dialog Status tab to the clipboard.
  • The activation program now only checks for a license service running when activating on a license server. This means that standalone licenses can be returned when the application is running on a license server without stopping the license server.
  • A feature has been implemented allowing users to copy the activation and fulfillment id's on the License Activation dialog Return tab to the clipboard.
  • A facility has been added to the License Activation dialog allowing a user to re-generate a return request file created using the File method.Previously after generating the request file the selected fulfillment would be disabled with no further action possible until the response file was processed. The addition of the Re-generate button allows the request file to be recreated if the original request file is lost.
  • The controls have been re-organised on the File Return and Repair tabs, and the ShortCode Return and Repair tabs to make better use of the available screen space.
  • A warning message is issued when borrowing a license is refused due to the EXCLUDE_ENTITLEMENT or EXCLUDEALL_ENTITLEMENT license server options. The EXCLUDEALL_ENTITLEMENT (and INCLUDEALL_ENTITLEMENT) license server options are new to FlexNet Publisher

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